Pinning Websites to Your Desktop

14 Jul

Greetings from the ms Rotterdam! This is your Techspert Amanda, and I want to go over a feature of Windows that not only gets overlooked, but can help keep your PC secure!

Consider the following scenario:

You’ve received an email claiming to be your bank, stating that there was unusual activity on your account, and they need to verify your identity. A link is provided to take you to the primary website where you would be asked to input information to verify your identity.

If this sends up red flags for you, that’s good. You should always be cautious of links in your emails, especially if they’re wanting you to provide personal information. So let’s learn about a way to quickly and easily access our commonly-used websites without using links in our emails, and always getting the proper website.

Let’s say that I want to pin the Digital Workshop blog to my Desktop or Taskbar. My first step would be to open the Digital Workshop blog in my browser, in this case Internet Explorer. When I open the website, in the address bar at the top is, of course, the web address. Directly to the left of the web address is what’s referred to as a “Favicon” which can be dragged to the location for pinning.

To make use of the Favicon, you’re going to use your mouse to drag the Favicon to either your desktop or your Taskbar.

Drag Link to Desktop
Figure 1a. Drag the Favicon to your desktop

Drag Link to Desktop2
Figure 1b. A shortcut appears to the website

Pin to TaskbarFigure 2a. Drag Favicon to your taskbar

Pin to Taskbar 2
Figure 2b. A shortcut appears on your taskbar for the website

Using these two methods will give you quick and easy access to your websites from your desktop view, and more importantly it will help enhance your security by giving you direct access, avoiding the potential of opening phishing websites.

  • Amanda Barham | ms Rotterdam

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  1. bhuwansharma007 July 16, 2015 at 5:23 am #

    awesome work

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