Spotlight on 2016 World Cruise Ports

25 Apr

Hi there folks,


Kristin again, writing from the beautiful Amsterdam about to enter the final port of call of the  2016 World Cruise, Fort Lauderdale.  Yes that’s right, we have come full circle and are back in Florida having circumnavigated the globe in 115 days.  I can’t believe how fast time has flown by…in fact, lets turn around and go back the other way for another 115 days! Wait, no, we can’t do that….to many hour forwards.

But what an amazing and rewarding experience this has been. As I reflect back on the wondrous ports of call, the delightful guests and crew I have met and worked with, I can’t be anything but appreciative and grateful for these past 4 months and these once in a lifetime experiences.

In this post I wanted to share with you just a few of these remarkable locations that the Amsterdam has taken us to. And who knows, maybe this will inspire you to book one of these World Cruises on our beautiful ship and experience more of our incredible  world.  Just be sure to bring your computer and other Windows devices so that you can be able to learn how to use them to their full potential in the Digital Workshop.


Kristin Viotto

Happy Travels

2017 World Cruise


IMG_8786 IMG_8793

Moorea, French Polynesia              Sydney Opera House



Borobodour, Indonesia                              Hong Kong



Hoi An, Vietnam                            Jurong Bird Park, Singapore


IMG_9062         IMG_9077

Yala National Park,               Colombo, Sri Lanka

      Sri Lanka                       

IMG_9105   IMG_9117

Camels in the Arabian Desert             Burj Khalifa, Dubai


IMG_9172 IMG_9378

Muscat, Oman                                  Petra, Jordan


IMG_9383 IMG_9386

Suez Canal, Egypt                    Greek Food, Katakolon, Greece


IMG_9450 Stitch IMG_9468 Stitch

El Campo, Siena, Italy           Views of the Tuscan landscape



One Response to “Spotlight on 2016 World Cruise Ports”

  1. Pat Ferguson April 25, 2016 at 8:42 pm #

    Thank you for sharing your great pictures!

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